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RVM/Capistrano: rvm-shell not found

If you’re trying to deploy with Capistrano to a server you just set up, and it fails with an error like this:

rvm-shell: No such file or directory

Then you probably have a newer version of RVM on your new server than on your development machine.  Update RVM and go on your way.  Hope this saves someone some frustration!


Jim Ryan

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  • Psychocist

    Where did you get this information from? Didn’t make slightest difference for me. Both server and local machine running RVM 1.16.17

    • Jim Ryan

      My research at the time pointed to that solution, and it resolved it for me.  Looking at it now, it could be a path issue.  Updating may resolve it, but not for the reason I mentioned.  I’m not entirely sure.  There seems to be many more resources now than when I first stumbled upon the problem…