Room 118 Solutions - Web Application Development & Programming

Window Shade System

WSS is an application for supply chain management, order entry, shipping management and invoicing for a window shade manufacturer. Deployed as a web application, it allows their staff to stay productive, even when they’re not in the office. Their old ASP intranet was rewritten from the ground up in Rails to help keep up with the changing product line as the business grows.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcache, QuickBooks, and jQuery


When The D10 wanted to find a way to broadcast their philanthropic spin on the classic decathlon to the world, they turned to us to build them a custom, intelligent, streaming solution.  That’s when NORMA was born.

The D10 is a 10 event competition comprised of multiple groups (“heats”) of athletes.  Competitors within each heat compete one at a time, but every heat is competing simultaneously.  That means there’s a lot going on on the field at once.  This presents a unique challenge for live streaming – how do we show the viewer exactly what they want, when they want it?  If an athlete’s friend or relative wants to watch them compete, how do we let them know when to tune in so that they can watch the person they care about, without having to watch the entire 5 hour competition?  Enter, NORMA.

NORMA tells viewers when to tune in at the perfect time.  Viewers simply launch the NORMA interface on the day of the event, follow the athletes they care about, and the system tracks the athlete throughout the day – hooking into the live scoring and results system that we also built – and notifies the viewer via browser notification and/or SMS text message when the athlete’s they care about are about to compete in each of The D10’s ten events.

Viewers can see real-time data from the field, such as results and fundraising totals.  They can also donate to the competitor they’re watching, while they’re competing. Scorekeepers on the field have access to that fundraising total, which they can convey to the athlete, creating a level of engagement never seen before in the streaming media space.

We put together the entire solution – including the hardware components.  Due to the nature and location of the event (typically a college football stadium), access to quality Internet and power is limited.  For that reason, we designed the NORMA camera kits to be completely wireless.  They stream over the cellular network and are completely battery powered.  Even still, we manage to get a consistent gorgeous HD video/audio stream with minimal delay.  NORMA’s got brains and beauty.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Video.js, Wowza

AmaZix Team

AmaZix is a cryptocurrency consultancy that was looking to pay its staff with cryptocurrency.  We developed a payment application for them that allows them to securely pay their staff using a variety of different cryptocurrencies, and that matches their business’s workflow with managerial review and sign-offs for payments.  The system handles currency conversion from USD, and manages the entire lifecycle of a cryptocurrency payment, keeping AmaZix in the loop throughout the way.  It then exports payment data to fit right in with their broader accounting ecosystem.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Ethereum, Bootstrap

AmaZix Airdrop

AmaZix was looking to create a new type of cryptocurrency token that could be used within their cryptocurrency-focused forum.  To initially release the currency, they wanted to “airdrop” it to existing forum users over the course of a year based on a list of predefined activities (e.g. engaging in a forum discussion, completing a successful marketplace transaction with another user, etc.).  We built them an application that interfaced with their existing vBulletin forum software, identified these activities, and allocated tokens to eligible users.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, vBulletin, Bootstrap

The D10

The D10 came to us with a challenge: Online registrations for their charity event opened in 10 days and their web application needed some serious work, specifically with its semi-functional registrations system. We delivered, and went on to add additional features, including a mobile site that allowed donors to place performance-based donations during the event, a mobile scoring tool that allowed scorekeepers to record results in real-time during the event, and physical, real-time performance and fundraising leaderboards.

We provided on-site services during the event to make last minute changes, and the event went off without a hitch, raising over $1M for pediatric cancer research.

We continue to maintain and improve the application for each year’s events. The D10 is now in 5 cities annually, with more to come. The 2016 NYC event was featured on NBCSN. Be sure to check it out and make a donation to a very worthwhile cause while you’re there.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Stripe

Exchange Platform

The Exchange Platform provides print classifieds publishers with a turnkey solution to manage their website and print publication.

Exchange931 is the flagship publication running on the Exchange platform, and it allows people in the Tennessee Valley area to buy and sell items ranging from couches to cars to real estate by searching, browsing, and placing classifieds online and in the Exchange931 print edition. Some of the features of this project include:

  • Online payment processing with complex classified cost calculations based on a variety of factors including category, price, running time, word count, and upgrades.
  • Photos for classifieds can be e-mailed into the application via a private e-mail address.
  • Classifieds are imported automatically from a variety of third-party sources and providers.
  • Classifieds and user accounts are automatically imported from a third-party sales partner.
  • A robust, custom built banner ad campaign utility that features full analytics and reporting of impressions and clicks.
  • Deep integration with Chargebee, a sophisticated subscription management platform, which can be used to manage print subscriptions.
  • Automatic formatting and export of print ads to InDesign.
  • Credit account management with one-click billing and self-service payment capture.
  • A variety of analytics and reports so business owners can easily stay on top of their business.


Built with: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, MailChimp,, Chrome Data, and Bootstrap (used for the admin interface)

Design by: JB Multimedia


SiteSwan wanted a platform for creating web sites for small businesses that was “social friendly, search-optimized, and mobile ready”. All web site owners are given a variety of tools allowing them to give their site’s their own personal touch and post the information and media that showcases their offerings. Whether it’s a slideshow of their latest products, their latest posts on Twitter, or upcoming events, there’s plenty of options for adding content to keep the customers engaged.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery and Backbone


CharityBets is looking to change how competitors typically raise money for charity through the events they compete in. The focus is on performance-based donations, where the better a participant competes, the more money they raise for their charity. CharityBets needed a web application to allow competitors to showcase the events they are participating in and solicit donations on behalf of their charities. The application itself helps promote the competitors, charities and events all in an effort to raise money for good causes.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and jQuery


Sirculr is helping connect merchants with their customers by providing access to their circulars, offers, and store information via mobile devices. Customers just have to open the app on their mobile device and can check out their local merchant’s deals.

Room 118 Solutions handles the merchant control panel aspects of the site, while coordinating with Sirculr’s mobile team (iOS/Android) to manage the API used by the devices.

Built with: CakePHP, MySQL, Beanstalk, and Apple Push Notification Service

SouthField Home Finder

The SouthField Home Finder is a quick way for prospective residents to explore the various homes available within the community development, located just outside Boston. A variety of homes by various builders are featured, allowing home seekers to view photos and floorplans, as well as contact the builder for more information.

Built with: CodeIgniter, MySQL, MailChimp

Design by: Koa Interactive Media

Leave It To Siri

Apple’s latest invention, Siri, seems to have quite the personality and we decided the web needs somewhere to showcase the lighter side of Siri. LeaveItToSiri is a collection of conversations with Siri, mainly interactions that didn’t quite make the cut for Apple’s official promo videos. Check it out and submit your own!

Built with: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Heroku


ObitsUSA is a web application allowing traditional print publications a new way to accept obituaries online. Each publication is given their own website which can easily be customized to look like their existing site, allowing their associated funeral homes to offer this directly to the family. Publications are easily able to export the obituaries for easy inclusion into their print circulations.

Built with: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Sphinx Search and jQuery